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It’s been a week since I posted anything.  that’s largely because I am no longer going to sit down and force myself to write something every day.  I tend to turn out crap when I do that.  My last blog was full of it.  And to top it off, I had hardly any visitors at all.

But this new blog, randomly updated, seems to draw in a larger crowd than usual.  Every day I have a lot of visitors to this site, and I’m doing nothing to promote it, nothing to find new readers, and I’m certainly not updating often enough for that to happen on it’s own.

There is one reason, I suspect that you keep coming by:  I mentioned Bin Laden.  In fact, I’m doing it again.  I bet this will create another surge of visitors as people look for more news.  Sorry, folks:  I don’t know any more than I did last week.  I only know what I see on TV, and I don’t watch much TV.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share that little observation.  I’m doing less work this time around, and more people are seeing it.  Interesting, if odd.


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I mean, wow.

Just wow.

If it is true, then this is a very good thing for us.  But all I feel is numb.  I missed the President’s speech.  I didn’t know about it until we switched over to the 10:00 news.

I really don’t know what to say.  I feel the urge to get on here and say something, but words escape me right now.  I normally don’t write anything political, but this event goes beyond politics into mass murder.  He was the last of the big villains I grew up hearing about.  Sadly, he won’t be the last villain we’ll ever hear about.

But I want to know this:  Why are they being so cagey about the details?    He’s dead, we have the body, we’ve confirmed it’s him, but one report says it was a drone attack that got him, others say the drones just got him moving.  The unit that got him would be splashed all over the news, you’d think.  But they won’t even tell us definitively how he died.

I’m sure the details will come out, and I’m not knocking how anyone feels about this event. I just have questions.

But until the details arrive, we should be happy.  This is a very big day for us.  No matter what you feel about the government, or our president (or even our last president), at least we know that the man who ordered so many of our people killed is finally gone.  I imagine the celebrations will go on for a very long time.  So let’s get the party started shall we?

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