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The Hobbit

There is one movie (well, two) that I am waiting for on pins and needles.  And that is the Hobbit by Peter Jackson.

Despite the flaws, I think The Lord of The Rings trilogy was the best I’ve ever seen.  Yeah, they skipped bits, and yeah, some of their CGI sucked horribly.  But it was an awesome effort.  And now they are going back.

Earlier today I found this blog, entitled ‘Dark Dungeon.’  It’s a place to get the ‘Dark Dungeons 2nd edition rules’, an old-school styled RPG that they’ve been providing since 1989, but like any good group of fantasy gamers, they write about a lot of other things as well, in particular LoTR in all of its forms.  So I’m going to send you to their blog today.

Because they have the first trailer for the new Hobbit movie (well, it’s on youtube, but it’s easier to point you there), and the first video blog from Peter Jackson that takes us on a tour of the rebuilt sets, and shows us a bit about the start of filming.  It’s very cool.

So go, take a look.  Maybe tell ’em I sent you.



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